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jhowardchrist's Journal

8 October
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Im an enigma, very complex, argumentative, laid back, hyperactive, spontanious, dark, well traveled, bad speller, own a computer with a spacebar that works when it wants to. Hell Im a lot of these things and a lot more. I have traveled to somewhere around 63 countries and been to every continant except Antartica. Music is one of my biggest loves and passions in life. To me there are only 2 types of music; good and bad. My location listed her is most likely not where I am living as I am almost a nomad. I am highly mobile and have lived in more places than I care to remember. I also love movies, but most of the movies I like best are not big box office hits, I tend to go for indie movies, and other little known obscure films. That isnt to say I dont like movies from the major studios too. I hate my current job, Im in management in a retail sales setting. I dont think anything will ever compare to some of my favourite jobs Ive had; roadie/guitar tech with a rock band, tour liasion with a band, a diverse job with a small indie record company. I have had many and varied jobs over the course of my life; petrolium transfer technician, life guard, carpenter, high steel work, Haz/Mat Technician, bar tender, DJ at a strip club, repo man, plus a few more.

I will most likely add some more to this at a later date.
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